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How We Can Help

You only have one opportunity within a short window of time to be recruited?  The problem is that within this time coaches will only recruit athletes that they know. Without the right introductions, guidance and know how even the most qualified of athletes can get left behind.

But you’re in the right place...

Rising Athletes is proud to make meaningful differences in the lives of student-athletes and their families. We will help to prepare you with a Game Plan to help you achieve your goals. Our experience will connect you directly with college sports programs and coaches from the top schools in North America.

Scholarship Opportunities

Rising Athletes Advisory was created to promote student athletes to provide college scholarship opportunities. We offer leading representation and comprehensive services for players and parents for the college-bound athlete throughout Canada and the United States. We provide one-on-one guidance and support to help our athletes gain maximum results. It makes us proud to say that we have successfully placed players as they have secured college scholarships, some of which may have not had the chance to go to school if it was not for our services.

Rising Athletes continues to flourish every day as we pre-qualify our clients. It would be hard to receive better service anywhere else as the experience and ability to relate to athletes and their needs is our specialty. College coaches appreciate our service as our knowledge of the recruiting process makes us a reliable recruiting service. We pride ourselves on working hard for our clients.

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Bryan Pearse started his career at the age of 22 and has spent over 19 years invested deep within the college recruiting process as a prospective athlete, collegiate athlete and President and Founder of a sports recruiting service. This  path has become a reflection of his dream career and has led to his true dedication in providing top quality recruiting services to athletes nation wide. Bryan speaks regularly on current scholarship candidates and has been featured in the BCHL Smart Hockey Magazines. Bryan is Vice President of the Chatham Maroons Alumni Association as well as a Member of the PHPA Player Agent Program. Bryan lives with his son Bo and daughter Vaughn.


Erik Brinkman is a Poliquin Certified Strength Coach, Biosignature practitioner and owner of Body X. He specializes in off-ice hockey performance strength training systems and nutrition. Erik trains hockey players of all levels, from NHL all-stars to players in college, junior and the prep ranks. His unique approach allows him to easily assess a player's effectiveness on the ice with respect to their position. Erik designs unique strength programs specific to every player for maximum results. In addition to guiding Rising Athletes clients with nutritional advice to fuel their bodies to increase lean muscle and gain strength to optimize performance.

Richard Dalton SAT and ACT Preparation. We focus on students who want to attend top universities.

"I was easily able to get the score I needed on my SAT, and I couldn't be happier." Malcolm Gould, North Vancouver, became hockey player with Michigan Tech Huskies.

"Your Score Booster came highly recommended to our daughter from her friend who had been accepted to Harvard. Your Score Booster was able to help enormously with teaching our daughter the methodologies and the work effort needed to be her best on testing day. Our daughter received an early acceptance to Stanford University, which was no doubt assisted by her SAT result."


Troy Redmann is based in Southern California. He is a well recognized goalie coach as he is a USA Gold Medalist. Troy has represented the United States at the IIHF inline hockey world championships. He took home a Silver Medal in 2009 in Ingolstadt, Germany, Gold Medal in 2010 in Karlstad, Sweden, Silver Medal in 2011 in Pardubice, Czech Republic, and a Gold Medal in 2014 in Toulouse, France. Troy is currently playing professional hockey in the ECHL for the Alaska Aces.