OneHockey and Rising Athletes Join Forces

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OneHockey, Rising Athletes Advisory join forces
to assist players score college goals
Two of the sporting world’s most respected leaders are joining forces in an effort to ensure even more hockey athletes with college aspirations are capable of fulfilling their dreams.
“Rising Athletes is thrilled to team up with OneHockey. With many deserving athletes looking for hockey and college opportunities, we are happy to connect them to coaches.”
Bryan Pearse,
RAA founder and president
OneHockey, your source for the most entertaining hockey tournaments in the industry, and Rising Athletes Advisory Inc., the nation’s premier athlete consulting and recruiting service, are partnering in an effort to connect more OneHockey-scouted players with college programs in their never-ending quest to fill their future recruiting classes.
Rising Athletes Advisory is one of the sports industry’s original recruiting services for student-athletes seeking scholarships or financial aid packages with university and college athletic programs. Its founder and president, Bryan Pearse, works closely with families and coaches in an effort to unite the two parties, helping athletes find the perfect program to achieve their higher-education and athletic goals.
“We have been looking to partner with an agency for many years and are so happy to have a partner we and our families can trust,” says Sebastien Fortier, OneHockey chief executive officer. “Bryan has as a perfect record and has hooked up so many players to NCAA programs.”
Over the past 14 years, OneHockey has seen hundreds of its year-round showcase participants move on to NCAA Division I or III programs as well as more than 40 standouts be selected in the annual NHL Entry Draft. Through this new partnership with RAA, Fortier insists that number is expected to skyrocket into the thousands.
“Over the past several years, I’ve helped many players get to junior camps or on NCAA coaches’ desks, but my time is short and Bryan does this all day, every day,” Fortier says. “I am so happy to now count on someone as reputable has he is to handle this important aspect of what OneHockey is all about and help our deserving players. We will still be scouting our players but now will turn them over to Bryan.”
With more than a decade’s worth of experience securing millions of dollars in scholarships for his clients, Pearse affirms he agreed to the joint venture with OneHockey because, like his consulting agency, the hockey word’s unmatched tournament leader always has the best intentions of athletes in mind.
“Rising Athletes is thrilled to team up with OneHockey,” Pearse says. “With many deserving athletes looking for hockey and college opportunities, we are happy to connect them to coaches.
“We’ve had prospects that have been under the radar or who’ve gone unnoticed who have become clients and gone on to obtain Ivy League educations, receive full athletic scholarships and year after year win national championships in NCAA Division I, Division III and other levels. We’re looking forward to extending that opportunity to OneHockey prospects.”
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-Kevin Conway